The Audra James Bespoke Treatment

Beyond a facial, this is a true bespoke treatment for skin, body and emotional wellness, starting with an inhalation session to determine which bespoke essential oils will benefit you emotionally. 

The treatment begins with deeply relaxing essential oil inhalations and upper body warm compressing and massage to release tension and emotional stress. Deep aromatic cleansing follows to purify and freshen skin while organic flower mists are used to soothe and calm, and then the Audra James facial massage follows (3 different types)  to energise, tone and bring a beautiful healhty, glow to the skin. Custom blended cleansers, tonics, exfoliants, serums and treatment masks are included to treat specific skin conditions. The treatment finishes with a custom blended post facial mask and a vial of your bespoke inhalation to take home which will further extend the benefits of your treatment.

Allow 90 minutes for first time clients - Cost $195.00 AUD

Allow 65 minutes for returning clients - Cost $145.00 AUD


The Skin Session

The Skin Session is an investment in your skin.  During this 2 hour session we look into all aspects of your skin and wellbeing. This customised approach to taking care of your skin includes skin and lifestyle advice for your skin type.   The Audra James Skin Session includes advice on all aspects of taking care of your skin naturally as well as managing stress (which has an impact on skin). A Bespoke 30ml Skin Serum is also included and formulated for your specific skin type.

Allow 120 minutes - Cost $295.00 AUD

Treatments and Skin Sessions are available by appointment only at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Australia.