Our facial skin is very often a reflection of the way we're feeling. One reason why I studied aromatherapy many years ago was because I knew that no matter how good a skincare range might be, if a person was feeling emotionally unsettled - nothing would work long term. I've always been fascinated by the impact that our emotions have on our skin.

I wanted to be able to use products and treatments that would benefit my clients inside and out and above all make them feel good as well as look good.
Some skin conditions are hereditary, but even with those there is always something that can be done usually by finding the right products, using them in the right way (this alone can make a big difference) and making a couple of simple lifestyle changes. One of those is a easy skin relaxation technique I use with clients that they can easily incorporate into their everyday life. Its a form of meditation for the skin:
1. Lie or sit in a comfortable spot where can can spend about 15 minutes uninterrupted.
2. Close your eyes and for the next couple of minutes just focus on your breathing and nothing else. If your mind wanders that's ok - just bring it back to your breathing.
3. Imagine that each time you breathe out, that you're breathing out any emotional upset, stress or worry that you might be feeling - just focus on that each time you breathe out for a couple of minutes.
4. Once you've done that, start to focus on your 'in breath' and imagine that each time you breathe in, you're breathing in relaxation, positivity and confidence (I think confidence is the best beauty secret!). Again, do this for a minute until you are fully imagining breathing in all the good stuff and letting go of anything that is troubling you when you breathe out. 
5. Start to really feel that with each breathe you are becoming more and more relaxed and continue to focus just on your breathing until you feel relaxed. 
6. Focus on your skin and on any area of your face where you skin might be reactive (this might be around the chin if you have hormonal acne or on the cheeks if you have rosacea.) Just gently focus on that area and and imagine that each breath is making that area calm and clear.
7. Continue doing this,  just breathing and imagining your skin clear, calm and glowing. After a few minutes just open your eyes gently and stay quietly still for a moment until you're ready to sit up.