‘As I turned each page, my heart was telling me that this book would change my life'

The year was 1990 and at the time I was working as a corporate trainer for a large media organisation in Sydney, Australia.

I’d been asked to write and present a seminar on stress in the workplace. At the time I had no idea that this would lead me to a new path in life, one that I would love with a passion.

The book, Aromatherapy by Micheline Arcier, was part of the research I started to do for the seminar. I simply couldn’t put it down and knew there and then that somehow, in some way, I would work with essential oils.

At the time, there were no jobs as such for aromatherapists and most people (myself included) didn’t know what essential oils were. But I was captivated and as I started to create blends and see their incredible results, I knew I had found what I wanted to do with my life.

This led to a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy plus other studies and eventually a very busy clinic in Sydney treating clients for stress and welbeing. It was during one treatment that a massage client asked me to create a product for her skin . She had hormonal acne and had tried everything. The results were amazing and within days her skin started to look clearer.

it was then that I realised that using the right combination of organic and natural ingredients was the most effective way to treat many skin conditions and keep skin glowing. Using aroma-therapeutic products for her skin was the missing part of the puzzle and I knew that I had to work on both her skin and her emotional welbeing to make a difference.

30 years later, I’m still formulating bespoke blends for clients as well as for my own Signature range and for other brands worldwide. My client base is now global and my passion as strong as ever.

I truly believe that experience makes a difference.

My goal is to continue to spread the word about how effective natural skincare is and to encourage women to use aroma-therapeutic products each day as part of their beauty and wellness regime.

In 2023 I wrote my first book, Late Bloomer. It’s about my journey as an Aromatherapist and entrepreneur, spanning 3 decades. 

Late Bloomer is dedicated to my sister, Kath.