Skin Cleansing Elixir (formerly Skin Cleansing Oil)  is probably my biggest selling product, but it is much more than just a cleanser. The combination of plant oils + essential oils also make a very effective treatment for all skin types, but especially for dry and dehydrated skin.

This is a 5 minute facial treatment you can do at home (in the bathroom) that is similar to one that I do in facials:

Before starting - lock yourself in the bathroom for at least 5 minutes!

1. Start with clean skin (using any Audra James Cleansers to start with, even Skin Cleansing Oil) to cleanse skin first.
2. Apply a small amount of Cleansing Oil onto palms, rub gently gently and hold over nose inhaling the relaxing aroma for a moment, then massage onto face, starting at the neck and move upwards over chin, cheeks, forehead. Use flowing strokes always working upwards and outwards.
3. Spend one minute then massaging this in deeper (omit this step if skin is reactive) by using pads of fingers working in small circular movements, again - upwards and outwards.
4. Sprinkle a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil onto the base of your shower - turn on the warm water and step in. The combination of steam, water + Eucalyptus Oil helps with sinus congestion (a major cause of puffiness and skin congestion) and stand in the shower for a couple of minutes. The steam also helps the ingredients in Skin Cleansing Oil to penetrate skin and deeply nourish it. In facials I use warm aromatic compresses to do the same thing. Tempting as it is to stay longer in the shower, it's a good idea to try and have short showers as they can be drying on the skin.
5. Once out of the shower, remove the Cleansing Oil with the cloth provided by running the cloth under warm water and holding over face (eyes closed) to gently steam skin. Then wrap the face cloth around your hand and remove the cleanser using the cloth, finishing with a cool compress.

Skin will now be clean, fresh and glowing.