Creating Aromatherapy Workshops by Audra James

Creating Aromatherapy Workshops by Audra James

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A workbook for Aromatherapists who would like to hold workshops and events.
This workbook contains 2 digital downloads - a guided meditation to help you overcome any nervousness about holding workshops and a workbook that outlines the many practical tips that I’ve learnt. 


1. Introduction
2. Why workshops are good for your business
3. Overcoming the fear of giving workshops
4. Aromatic anchoring for confidence
5. A guided meditation
6. Things to remember
7. Why the first 5 minutes are so important
8. Introduction and workshop outline sample
9. One-on-one workshops
10. How to choose the right subject for your workshop
11. Some practical tips
12. Workshop checklist
13. Pricing
14. Participant Workbooks

Once ordered, you will receive 2 emails. the first with your purchase receipt and the second with 2 download files.  Please  note that files can sometimes take a few minutes to download. 

The best way to use this workbook is to read part 1-5 of the workbook first before listening to the guided meditation. The workbook is in PDF format which also allows you to print out the pages if you wish.

If for any reason you are unable to download the files, please email so that they can be emailed to you (you’l receive a response within 24 hours).

*Please note that although this Workbook was written for Aromatherapists, the information included is easily adaptable for anyone working in a related field.

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