The Late Bloomer Workshop

The Late Bloomer Workshop

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The Late Bloomer Workshop with Audra James

This is a relaxed, creative session where we can really tune into your passions, values and talents to discover what you really want.

From there, we’ll create an exciting step-by-step plan that’s also practical and workable.

This 1-on-1 workshop is perfect for anyone who:

  • Might be feeling a bit stuck in their personal or professional life
  • Deep down knows there’s something else they should be doing with their life, but not sure what that might be
  • Is looking for clarity to help them decide what they really want
  • Has a long held dream they’d like to go for but not sure where or how to make a start
  • Feels their age, self doubt or mindset might be holding them back. 
  • Already has an idea for a small business but it isn’t coming together as they’d hoped 
  • Needs help creating a natural skin or aromatherapy product range or business

This 3 hour workshop is held at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

Cost - $595 (payment instalments available) 

With a background in corporate training, Audra James is also a clinical Aromatherapist with over 30 years experience as a therapist, teacher and small business owner.

During that time she has mentored and coached many individuals, particular in the area of small business and well-being. 

As well as clinical aromatherapy, she has also studied business at the Australian Institute of Management and NLP coaching.

Fir more information or availability, please email