Dry Skin

You might have naturally dry skin but factors such as lifestyle, weather etc play a part. Skin can become dry from time to time and even oily skin can be dry. Skin can often become dryer late in life during the menopause.

Generally signs such as a feeling of tightness (especially after cleansing), dullness, flakiness, redness and sometimes itchiness can indicate that skin is dry. There are a few lifestyle factors that can help - these include avoiding showers that are too hot, making a few dietary changes and also making sure that you get enough omega 3 fats in your diet to help plump up skin and nourish from within. Make sure that you are hydrated by sipping enough water (preferably room temperature) throughout the day.

With skincare, dry skin really benefits from nourishing oils, balms and mists. It’s really important to avoid anything that might strip the skin (foaming cleansers, harsh exfoliants etc) and look for healing, soothing and moisturising formulas. Avoid synthetic fragrances and colours which can cause sensitivity and extra dryness. Very often dry skin can also become sensitive, so choose natural, high quality skincare that wont irritate or put any stress on your skin. Have a daily skincare routine layering products to get the maximum benefit from them.

The basics should include a non drying cleanser (oil cleansers work beautifully for this and double as a treatment mask) - a natural facial mist to keep skin hydrated and dewy throughout the day, a nourishing facial oil and if skin is extra dry, a natural moisturiser to layer with your facial oil

Audra James products for dry skin include plant oils rich in essential fatty acids as well as botanicals and essential oils to help replenish and nourish skin naturall. If you're not sure which products might suit your skin best, please email Audra at audrajames@gmail.com